About College

Sibsagar College, a premier seat of higher education in this part of the state, is situated at Joysagar beside the historic tank which stands testimony to the hallowed memory of Sati Joymati, the Ahom Queen of the 17th century. This college is located amidst a picturesque atmosphere, about 5 km south-west of Sivasagar Town, quite away from the din and bustle of town-life. It was established in 1947, coinciding with independence, upholding the aura of that awakening and has traverses a long way since then. Over the years it has cherished a proud tradition of possessing respourceful and accomplished faculty members and an impressive record of academic output. A posse of patriots and statesmen were its architects, some of whose names have come to be indelibly stamped in the annals of Asom. Their selfless and unflinching commitment had ushered in a rich heritage to this College.

Special mention may be made of the founder Principal, Padmadhar Chaliha and his successor aho happened to be his son Paragdhar Chaliha. Initially, the college began with 86 students and 7 staff members at a hall in Sivasagar town. In 1952 it was moved to its present location where infrastructural expanse began to emerge, through the magnanimity of many of its cluster of patrons. It was initially affiliated to Gauhati University. In 1965, its affiliation was transferred from Gauhati University to Dibrugarh University as soon as the latter was founded. Its motto as printed in Assamese ' ' on the emblem stresses its mission, i.e. 'quest for light'.