The department of education is one amongst the others that was begun in the year 1962. Major course of education commenced from 1972, led by Ms. Meera Kotoky who joined the college and the department in 1962 as the first faculty member. Others to follow were Ghana Hazarika who joined on the 1st July 1964, Ms Utpala Konwar who joined on 4th August 1970 and Ms. Hasna Ara Begum, Ramesh Hazarika both of whom joined in august, 1973. However, Ms. Meera Kotoky left the college on the later part of 1964. To Sri Ghana Hazarika,s credit is attributed the authorship of ‘History of Indian Education’ a book that was completed when the honourable Hazarika was in service. Ms. Utpala Konwar who went on to complete her Ph.D. during her tenure at Sibsagar College was actively involved and participated in many seminars of national and international stature. Besides, she is the proud author of ‘Bharatiya Sikhar Bikash aru Samasyawali’ and a book on child psychology named ‘Sisu Manubigyan.’ However, Dr. Konwar’s stay at the college was discontinued following her appointment and new assignment as Education Officer, Ajmir in 1997. Having completed 20 years of service Ramesh Hazarika who successfully completed the Assam Education Service (AES) during the course of his stay at said department had to leave the institution to join as Inspector of Schools at Tinsukia in 1992. The current strength of the faculty is five.

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