General Rules for Maintenance of Discipline

  • The students admitted to the college must abide by all rules and regulations as prescribed by the college authorities.
  • Violation of rules, indiscipline and misconduct of any kind may lead to disciplinary action like compulsory transfer / expulsion from the college / hostel.
  • Students must attend classes in prescribed uniform.
  • A student should attend a minimum of 75% classes held during an academic year. Students whose attendance fall below 75% but above 60% will be considered as non-collegiate. Students with attendance below 60% may be debarred from appearing in the final examination. Non-collegiate students will have to pay heavy fines at the time of filling up of examination from and there will be parent contact with the Principal.
  • Appearing in the college examinations (Sessional/terminals / tests / unit tests) is compulsory, failing which they will not be allowed to fill up examination forms.
  • Seminar/ Group Discussion/ Assignment/ Field works are compulsory and must me completed in time.
  • Students should frequently visit the College Notice Boards for any notification from the Principal, University or any other authority. Immediate response to such notification is very important.
  • Students should be very much particular in filling up/ submitting/ signing various important documents related to their study/ examinations etc.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in Sibsagar College. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the same shall be dealt with as per rules.
  • Use of mobile phone in the College campus during class time is considered offence and one is liable to any action deed fit and proper by the college authority if found violating this rule.
  • 1st Semester students are required to go through the details of the rules and regulations governing semester system provided in the College Prospectus.

College Uniform

As we know, uniform is a code of clothing worn by members of an organization. Sibsagar College, Joysagar has been adapting following uniforms for the students :

For Boys

Formal White Shirt (half or full sleeve), navy blue pant, black footwear and sweater in winter.

For Girls

White Churidar - Navy Blue Churni or Muga/ Muga coloured Mekhela. White Chadar with Blue Border and Navy Blue Blouse, with Black footwear and sweater in winter.