Amount of Fees to be paid at the time of Admission :
B.A. 1st Semester (Major) Rs. 3,930.00
    (Rs. 100/- extra for Education Major)
B.A. 1st Semester (Non-Major) Rs. 3,710.00
B.Sc. 1st Semester (Major) Rs. 4,390.00
B.Sc. 1st Semester (Non-Major) Rs. 4,160.00
Hostel Admission Fee per Annum Rs. 6,200.00
               All students will have to pay group insurance premium of Rs. 50/- once at the time of admission for insurance coverage of Rs. 20,000/-. The next of, kin of students under this insurance cover will be paid Rs. 20,000/- in case of death of the insured. This is absolutely a student welfare scheme of the College
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