Combination of Subjects :
Major Subjects
Non-major Subjects
No. of Seats
  Chemistry   Ph./ Math.
  Ch., Math./ Math., Elect./ Geo., Math./
  Math./ Comp. Sc./ Math./ Stat.
  Ch., Ph./ Eco., Stat./ Ph., Elect./
  Ph., Stat./ Ph., Comp. Sc./
  Stat., Comp. Sc./ Elect., Comp. Sc.
  Zoology   Ch., Bot.
  Botany   Ch., Zoo.
  Geology   Ph., Math./ Ch., Math.
  Ph., Math./ Eco., Math./
  Math., Comp. Sc.
  Economics   Math., Stat.
  Electronics   Ph., Math./ Math., Comp. Sc.

English is compulsory for all 1st semester and 2nd semester purely non-major students.

Besides English, a student may opt for one Major subject and two Non-major subjects in the combination given above.
Computer Skill is compulsory for all 2nd Semester students under Major Programme.
Environmental Study is compulsory subjects for 4th semester students.

Computer Skill-I and Computer Skill-II are compulsory for 3rd and 4th semester students under Gen Programme (purely non-major).
Skill Based course is compulsory for 5th & 6th Semester purely non-major students.

Students under General Programme shall have to opt for three Non-major subjects in the combination shown below :
  Ph., Ch., Math./ Ph., Math., Elect. / Ph., Math., Geo./ Ph., Math., Stat./ Ch., Zoo., Bot./ Ch., Bot., Geo./ Eco., Math., Stat.
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