Combination of Subjects :
Major Subjects
Non-major Subjects
No. of Seats
  English   Hist./ Pol. Sc./ Ed./ Eco./ Phil
  Assamese   Ed./ Pol. Sc./ Hist./ Eco.
  Economics   Pol. Sc./ Hist./ Phil./ Math./ Ed./ Stat.
  Political Science   Eco./ Hist./ Ed.
  History   Phil./ Alect. As./ Pol. Sc./ Eco.
  Philosophy   Ed./ Elect. As./ Pol. Sc./ Hist./ Eco.
  Education   Eco./ Phil./ Pol. Sc./ Hist./ Stat.
  Mathematics   Eco./ Stat.
General English is compulsory for all 1st and 2nd semester students.
MIL, which is compulsory in 1st and 2nd semester, includes Assamese only in the College. Alternative English is offered as a subject in lieu of MIL.
In addition to General English and MIL, a student may opt for one Major subject and one non-major subject as shown below.
Computer Skill/ Communicative Skill is compulsory for 3rd Semester students.
Environmental Study is a compulsory subject for 4th Semester students.
Skill Based course is compulsory for 5th & 6th Semester purely non-major students.
Students under General Programme (purely Non-major) shall have to opt for two non- major subjects in the following combination :
  Eco., Pol. Sc./ Eco., Phil./ Math., Eco./ Edn., Hist./ Edn., Pol.Sc./ Edn., Eco./Hist., Pol. Sc./ Eco., Stat./ Edn., Stat.
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